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Lesson #10 – Do You Have A Financial Goal?

You’re probably trying to figure out where I am going now. We were just talking about a new way of thinking was needed and now we are going into talking about financial goals. Don’t worry we are not off track at all. I just want to use this to show you that indeed we have to look at things a little different than the ways we know. If I was to ask you what your financial goals were in life, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind. Usually, the answers I receive are things such as, “I […]

Lesson # 5 – What Your Business Goals Should Look Like

In our last lesson, we talked about setting a business goal for yourself. Let us continue from where we left off… Your business goal comes from your mission statement. Your mission statement is nothing more than what you plan to accomplish. Your goals are how you plan to accomplish it. Your business goals need to be challenging but obtainable. You need to set goals that will require some effort to reach. Don’t make them so challenging that they are not obtainable because that will lead to failure. You need to challenge everyone that is involved and responsible for its achievement. […]

Lesson # 4 – Your Business Plan And Goals

After you have a clear vision in your mind it is time to make that vision come to life. You need to know how you are going to get things started while having a long term goal as well in place. You need to have step one in place and how and who will be responsible for accomplishing this goal, then step 2 and so forth. Each one of these steps needs to be leading to the final goal or destination of your business voyage. So how do you do this? First let’s see what a business goal really is. […]