For a while now, I wasn’t sure what to put on this page.  Finally, it dawned on me that what would be most helpful to all my visitors would be my actual results from programs and products I am promoting.  As I add other programs and products, I will publish my results here.1

30 Minute List30 Minute List

Once I realized building a list is very important (essential) to success in Internet Marketing, I began promoting  30 Minute List30 Minute List is a viral list building program where each referrals adds their first 4 referrals to their sponsor’s list.  They are not giving up any commissions just adding their first 4 referrals emails to their sponsor’s list.  Here are my results from the first 21 days I promoted 30 Minute List.  I had never had that much success adding to my list before.  I highly recommend this program.  You just can’t go wrong.

First 21 Days – 50+ Referrals and Growing

I don’t know how your list building efforts usually go; but for me, 30 Minute List built my list faster than any thing else I have done.  Here is what another user of 30 Minute List has to say.

I joined 30MinuteList and immediately knew it would be one of my go to traffic sources.

There are tons of resources, training and bonuses to get you up and running no matter what you are advertising.

Not all traffic building sites are equal, but 30MinuteList is at the top of the “traffic-chain” in my book.

Free to start, but I would suggest that you upgrade as quick as you have your ads set up, your bonuses under belt and you are using the training to get you off to a fast start.

Value, Value, and more Value. Especially if you are new to online marketing, save yourself the time and hassle of the trial and error method.

Get up and out the gate running!


  1. As a general rule, I promote a product or program for 21 to 28 days.  I have found that results of my promotion are not as effective after that length time.
  2. This review was published in Leads Leap. Tammy is not my sponsor or referral.

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