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Lesson # 9 – You Can’t Make Money & Excuses at the Same Time

No matter what’s going on in the world, you have a choice as to what you’re going to create in your life. Leave Excuses to the “Old You” Trust me when I say at one point in my life I was to the point of experiencing pain from failure and I had a strong desire to not feel this pain any longer. But instead of wanting to make the necessary changes, I started to deal with the pain in a different way. I started using excuses that I felt would prevent me from experience any more pain that would make […]

Lesson # 8 – A “Winning Mindset” is Your Strongest Weapon!

Let me start by asking you a very serious question. “Do you expect to win or lose?” Pretty simple question isn’t it?  Stop and think about it for just a second and come up with your answer. I find that the what many people are thinking suggests that when faced with an new opportunity of any description, they don’t expect to win.  Therefore, by default, they are setting themselves up to lose. Here is an example of what I hear when I first help a new member that just bought one of my products, or a competitor’s product I may […]

Lesson # 7 – Are You Willing To Invest Time And Effort

I probably should have made this my first post and not waited until now.  But, if you are already reaching a point of frustration let me tell you right now that one quality you must possess or develop is the willingness to invest your time and effort even if direct results are not immediate. What if my promotion I do doesn’t do well? It must be time to quit then, right? NO, although several months may pass without favorable results; it is important for you, who wants success, to hold on and continue to move forward and try again. You […]

Lesson # 6 – Creating A Business Name That Customers Will Remember

I know it doesn’t sound like it should take much too just slap a name to your Business and go with it. Well, there is a lot more to this than just slapping a name on a business card and going with it. Start by deciding what you want your name to communicate. To be most effective, your company name should reinforce the key elements of your business or branding. Does your name really have to be meaningful? My answer to this is yes. You do not want to spend an unlimited amount of time explaining your business name to […]

Lesson # 5 – What Your Business Goals Should Look Like

In our last lesson, we talked about setting a business goal for yourself. Let us continue from where we left off… Your business goal comes from your mission statement. Your mission statement is nothing more than what you plan to accomplish. Your goals are how you plan to accomplish it. Your business goals need to be challenging but obtainable. You need to set goals that will require some effort to reach. Don’t make them so challenging that they are not obtainable because that will lead to failure. You need to challenge everyone that is involved and responsible for its achievement. […]

Lesson # 4 – Your Business Plan And Goals

After you have a clear vision in your mind it is time to make that vision come to life. You need to know how you are going to get things started while having a long term goal as well in place. You need to have step one in place and how and who will be responsible for accomplishing this goal, then step 2 and so forth. Each one of these steps needs to be leading to the final goal or destination of your business voyage. So how do you do this? First let’s see what a business goal really is. […]

Lesson # 3 – Creating A Vision That Stays With You!

All successful business owners that I’ve known have vision. Many people have had a vision that they could focus on and then lost sight of that vision. If you lose sight of your vision, you begin to lose hope that you once had. I have lost hope before and let me tell you from experience that when you lose the hope that you once had it is game over. I look around at the lives of others I see and it sure is not a pretty picture. Seems like everyone I see is setting around thinking poor, poor me. I […]

Lesson # 2 – Are You Ready To Think Like A Marketer?

Thinking like a marketer is crucial to your success.  It is crucial to your success as a marketer.  You need to STOP surfing for pennies and START marketing for dollars. You will find that everywhere you look that everyone teaches you the systems, or the how to “make money online”, but very seldom will you find anyone that teaches you that you also need to know how to think like a marketer. This is the missing piece. Do you honestly want to be a successful internet marketer? If so, then you need to not only think like a marketer but […]

Lesson # 1 – 12 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start

If you are going to make money online, you need to treat your efforts like a business.  Before starting your online business, there are some serious questions you need to ask yourself to see if it’s really for you… 1. “Why do I want my own Internet Marketing Business?” Before deciding to start a business, think about the qualities you possess, what makes you tick, and how that might help you be a more successful business owner.  Think about the time you have available for your business. 2.  “What interests, talents, skills and strengths do I have?” Inventory the abilities […]