Lesson #11 – Being Wealthy Is Just A Mindset “Game”

“If all it takes to be wealthy is money…. Why is it that lottery winners will almost always end up right back in the same financial state they were in before they won the lottery?”

The reason is because being wealthy is a mindset.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I totally believe that money is a critical part of wealth.  And anyone who tells you that it isn’t plain and simply doesn’t have any – period!

Important as it is, though, it’s only a part of wealth, and deep down inside, you know (or at least suspect) this is true.

Most of the time the excuse we use for not having money is “I’m Not That Interested in Money”

What this really means is you’re not interested in making the life-transforming changes necessary to pull up your stubborn roots – to move beyond job security and toward financial freedom.

It is going to take some changes in your life and I am hoping at this point I have convinced you that you are ready to make those changes needed.

Most of the Truly Successful People Are

  • Not any smarter than you
  • They’re not any more gifted than you
  • They’re not any luckier than you
  • And they don’t work any harder than you

The reason they have what they have is because they have a different mindset.

If you are thinking you want to start down the same path to your own financial freedom, there is something that needs to happen first.

You must first understand how the rich think about money and how it differs from the poor and middle-class way of thinking.

Regardless of how much money you make, you will end up right back where you started if you don’t change your thoughts about money.

Make an active commitment to mentally remind yourself that it is simply a TOOL to build the life you want.

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