Epiphany Bridge

As I told you yesterday, I am taking a very intense course from ClickFunnels called “One Funnel Away”. This week the course is addressing “Publishing” which refers to learning to use media (video, audio, writing) to enhance your credibility. Today’s topic was the ‘Epiphany Bridge”. I learned what it is, how to structure it and how to present it. (Later, I will do a separate post using what I learned.)

The theory of the Epiphany Bridge is that if I can get a potential client to experience the same epiphany that I did, they will have to give me their money. How do you do that?

Russell Brunson tells a story about having Marcus Lemonis from the TV show “The Profit” as a speaker for a Funnelhacking Live convention. Marcus ask Russell why all the attendees were so excited and happy when all they did was “design websites”. Russell started to explain the ins and outs of funnels when he realized he had totally lost Marcus in techno babble. Russell quickly switched to the Epiphany Bridge method. By the end of his explanation, Marcus said, “Every business needs a funnel.” He had an epiphany of what funnels could do for his businesses.

The Epiphany Bridge method involves 8 questions which should be answered in a presentation.

  1. The Backstory: What is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?
  2. Your Desires: What is it that you want to accomplish? External: What are the external struggle you are dealing with? Internal: What is the internal struggle you are dealing with?
  3. The Wall: What was the wall/problem that you hit in your current opportunity that started you on this new journey?
  4. The Epiphany: What was the epiphany you experienced and the new opportunity you discovered?
  5. The Plan: What was the plan you created to achieve your plan?
  6. The Conflict: What conflict did you experience along the way?
  7. The Achievement: What was the result you achieved?
  8. The Transformation: What was the transformation you experienced?

Answering these 8 questions in a presentation will result in bigger and better results than you can imagine.

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