Are You Making This Mistake?

I found this post on the Leads Leap Blog and thought it was very relevant to what this blog is about.  I decided to interrupt the lessons and share this.  When you read this, think about how it may be relevant you.  It sure was to me.

The Fatal Mistake That Internet Marketing Newbies Make!

There is one fatal mistake that internet marketing newbies make, that is, trying to make money online.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here. I simply want to highlight to you the way Nature works.

Let me share with you a little story:

Recently I was trying to teach my nephew swimming because he told me that he was very interested in learning it.

For those of you who have learnt swimming, you know that before you can swim, you have to learn many things like how to kick your legs, how to blow bubbles in the water etc.

When I taught my nephew how to kick his legs, he tried it for a while and then ask, “I know how to kick now, but why I still can’t swim.” Throughout the session, while learning how to swim, he kept asking me why he still can’t swim.

My nephew is 7 years old. His reaction towards learning how to swim reminds me of many internet marketing newbies.

Many newbies are eager to learn how to make money online. Whenever they learn something, they want to see the money immediately.

The attachment to making money online is often the seed of failure.

Learning to make money online is similar to learning anything else. One should first master the basics.

When the basics are mastered, making money online is just a natural outcome.

This is how the Nature works. If you can recall how you successfully learned a skill, any skill, you’ll agree with what I say.

So what are the basics in internet marketing?

Too many.

Common basics include:

– search engine optimization;
– how to write ads;
– website creation and many more.

You don’t have to learn everything. But you must understand that the more basics you learn, the more money you can make online.

When I first started, I knew nothing about html, SEO or sales letter writing. Like many newbies, I was reading gurus’ newsletters, buying ebooks and courses. Nothing worked for me until I stopped thinking about making money and started learning like a student.

Remember the time when you were schooling? Having to ‘swallow’ those lengthy and boring words and make sense out of them? And trying to understand those technical jargons that look alien to you?

That’s what I mean by learning like a student.

If you are simply reading a “how to make money” ebook as if you are reading a novel, you are not really learning like a student. You are merely entertaining yourself.

I know. It’s hard to be convinced that you will make money online if you simply focus on mastering the basics of internet marketing. Just like my nephew who can’t see how learning to kick can eventually make him swim.

But that’s how Nature works.

When the basics are mastered, making money online is just a natural outcome.

I know for sure the person described in that article was me. I don’t even know how many ebooks, courses and products I collected knowing that the new one was going to solve all my problems. None of them ever did.  Finally, I decided I needed to learn from what I already had. Now, I have set aside time every day just to learn more about internet marketing.  Guess what,  it has worked.  Once I quit hopping from one opportunity to the next and focusing on the basics my list and my income started growing. I still have lots to learn but now that I have the basics I can see success.

One of my best sources for learning and helping me with internet marketing is Newbie Lessons. Newbie Lessons is like having an encyclopedia of internet marketing on my computer.

Newbie Lessons has 300+ “How To” videos covering all the basics of Internet Marketing. Login, Watch, Learn & Apply!

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