365 Day Commitment


I am an affiliate marketer. As you may already know, ClickFunnels is one of the best, if not the best, tools available to sell products, programs, anything you want on the internet. I am current taking a ClickFunnels course called “One Funnel Away Challenge”. This is an intense 4 week course to learn the ins and outs of creating funnels.

I have just started the second week of the course and our homework for tonight is to pick a media (writing, video, audio) and publish every day for 365 days. The purpose of this is to develop the proficiency needed to be successful in our internet marketing. I have chosen writing, as you can tell, as my media. For those of us choosing writing, we are to start a blog here on media.com because of its popularity.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my first post on an assigned topic. I wanted to get a jump on things and make sure I knew how to use this platform. I don’t know what is to come in my posts but please help me improve by leaving comments. Without your comments I will not know how I am doing. So please leave your comments with the good and the bad. Until tomorrow.

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