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My Epiphany Bridge – Part 1

I have been experimenting with affiliate marketing for more than 20 years. Most of those years, I had a full time job which I loved. So as much as I professed wanting to begin a totally new career as an internet marketer, I wasn’t serious. I wasn’t serious because I made a good living and wasn’t willing to take the risk involved in starting over. How would I pay my bills? If I didn’t succeed, could I find another full time, conventional job? Neither my need or my desire were strong enough to allow/make me take the leap. In 2001, […]

Lesson #13 – You Become Who You Spend Time With

There’s never been a more important moment in your lifetime than now to take an inventory of the people you surround yourself with. You need to get to a place where you can meet, connect and create longstanding relationships with harmonically-minded people – with people who have and are going to continue to accomplish amazing things. These are the types of relationships that are going to encourage and serve you, as opposed to those relationships that ultimately get you nowhere. Think about it. Wouldn’t it be great to surround yourself with those people who are successful in any economic climate […]

Lesson #12 – Imagine What Your IDEAL Life Looks Like …

Imagine for just a moment that this is your life: Fulfilling and complete in every single area. Every direction you look, you’re firing on all cylinders and in complete harmony – financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, & your relationships. What would that be worth to you?  It would be immeasurable wouldn’t it? Well, let me tell you a secret… Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that hard to achieve. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get yourself moving, because knowledge without action is a total waste of time. The bottom line is this: the right mindset […]

Lesson #11 – Being Wealthy Is Just A Mindset “Game”

“If all it takes to be wealthy is money…. Why is it that lottery winners will almost always end up right back in the same financial state they were in before they won the lottery?” The reason is because being wealthy is a mindset. Now don’t get me wrong here, I totally believe that money is a critical part of wealth.  And anyone who tells you that it isn’t plain and simply doesn’t have any – period! Important as it is, though, it’s only a part of wealth, and deep down inside, you know (or at least suspect) this is […]

Are You Making This Mistake?

I found this post on the Leads Leap Blog and thought it was very relevant to what this blog is about.  I decided to interrupt the lessons and share this.  When you read this, think about how it may be relevant you.  It sure was to me. The Fatal Mistake That Internet Marketing Newbies Make! There is one fatal mistake that internet marketing newbies make, that is, trying to make money online. I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here. I simply want to highlight to you the way Nature works. Let me share with you a little story: […]

Lesson #10 – Do You Have A Financial Goal?

You’re probably trying to figure out where I am going now. We were just talking about a new way of thinking was needed and now we are going into talking about financial goals. Don’t worry we are not off track at all. I just want to use this to show you that indeed we have to look at things a little different than the ways we know. If I was to ask you what your financial goals were in life, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind. Usually, the answers I receive are things such as, “I […]

Lesson # 8 – A “Winning Mindset” is Your Strongest Weapon!

Let me start by asking you a very serious question. “Do you expect to win or lose?” Pretty simple question isn’t it?  Stop and think about it for just a second and come up with your answer. I find that the what many people are thinking suggests that when faced with an new opportunity of any description, they don’t expect to win.  Therefore, by default, they are setting themselves up to lose. Here is an example of what I hear when I first help a new member that just bought one of my products, or a competitor’s product I may […]

Lesson # 7 – Are You Willing To Invest Time And Effort

I probably should have made this my first post and not waited until now.  But, if you are already reaching a point of frustration let me tell you right now that one quality you must possess or develop is the willingness to invest your time and effort even if direct results are not immediate. What if my promotion I do doesn’t do well? It must be time to quit then, right? NO, although several months may pass without favorable results; it is important for you, who wants success, to hold on and continue to move forward and try again. You […]

Lesson # 3 – Creating A Vision That Stays With You!

All successful business owners that I’ve known have vision. Many people have had a vision that they could focus on and then lost sight of that vision. If you lose sight of your vision, you begin to lose hope that you once had. I have lost hope before and let me tell you from experience that when you lose the hope that you once had it is game over. I look around at the lives of others I see and it sure is not a pretty picture. Seems like everyone I see is setting around thinking poor, poor me. I […]