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My Epiphany Bridge – Part 1

I have been experimenting with affiliate marketing for more than 20 years. Most of those years, I had a full time job which I loved. So as much as I professed wanting to begin a totally new career as an internet marketer, I wasn’t serious. I wasn’t serious because I made a good living and wasn’t willing to take the risk involved in starting over. How would I pay my bills? If I didn’t succeed, could I find another full time, conventional job? Neither my need or my desire were strong enough to allow/make me take the leap. In 2001, […]

Epiphany Bridge

As I told you yesterday, I am taking a very intense course from ClickFunnels called “One Funnel Away”. This week the course is addressing “Publishing” which refers to learning to use media (video, audio, writing) to enhance your credibility. Today’s topic was the ‘Epiphany Bridge”. I learned what it is, how to structure it and how to present it. (Later, I will do a separate post using what I learned.) The theory of the Epiphany Bridge is that if I can get a potential client to experience the same epiphany that I did, they will have to give me their […]

365 Day Commitment

  I am an affiliate marketer. As you may already know, ClickFunnels is one of the best, if not the best, tools available to sell products, programs, anything you want on the internet. I am current taking a ClickFunnels course called “One Funnel Away Challenge”. This is an intense 4 week course to learn the ins and outs of creating funnels. I have just started the second week of the course and our homework for tonight is to pick a media (writing, video, audio) and publish every day for 365 days. The purpose of this is to develop the proficiency […]